African Voodoo Spells began as an instrument of revenge. but it is also used to cure barrenness and infertility in both sexes, cure mental complications and resolve dual identity syndromes. it is particularly effective in getting even when one has been wronged unjustly. it is equally a good weapon is ensuring faithfulness in couples. it can be used to promote love and passion, break up a relationship, win court cases, provide protection against voodoo, witchcraft and blackmagic. its methods involve incantations, ritual baths and meditations.

African voodoo spells and rituals are as potent as witchcraft with deadly consequences when unleashed. it offers relief from illnesses especially illness that has defy all orthodox means. its effectiveness is noted when a patient has gone round all the hospitals, perform every medical test and the doctors pronounce he or her well when she or knows that she is not well. it is common knowledge that a situation that will require amputation in orthodox medicine will produce an opposite effect in african voodoo. the procedure is bizarre but the result is amazing. for instance if someone should suffer a fracture. a chicken's leg will be broken in the exact manner of the fracture. the voodoo priest begins to treat the chicken without any physical contact with the patient who suffered the fracture. as the chicken progresses in response to treatment, so is the patient.




High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 928


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