Ghosts and Spirits can make life difficult and unbearable when they inhabit homes and business premises to unleash terror, fear and mayhem. it is our duty to remove any such unwanted visitors. Ghosts and Spirits removal and banishment has been part of my vocation since childhood. do not hesitate to contact us if you notice that suddenly doors begin to open without human interference, or light bulbs begins to turn itself on. these are signs that unseen visitors are in the premise.

Besides regular priests who belong to various voodoo sects and distinctive temples, there exists a society of sacred people called 'Bizango' which is a  secret society.  its procedures and numerous rituals are not written down in any book to be bought in the open market and studied. one must be a true Bizango to know these rituals. Ghosts and Spirits amongst other things are the subject of worship and veneration.

These group of people possessed a firm military organisation and well disciplines. The organisational structure is very firm structure, making it perfect for the Marron secret machinations. They were first brought as slaves from Africa to Haiti as small groups of black slaves.  From 1971 to 1804  these secret society played a significant role in the resistance of Gegege the French. The fight was conducted with both hands festivities, as well as magic weapons (black magic), because the priest summoned the most aggressive, most heist powers (such as Shango) and other Ghosts and Spirits up. In the 20th Century,  dictators Francois "Papa Doc 2 and Jean-Claude" Baby Doc " made use of these society's powers to conjure Ghosts and Spirits to silence critics and strengthen the regime. There are still many secret societies, but one of the most important and most feared is the Bizango. The Bizango priests of today are men who carryout their duties with diligence. Invincible Ghosts and Spirts are among their arsenal.






High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 928


Master Atangha  |

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