all  testimonies here are made public with the express permission of the people so mentioned.


The voodoo pupper works wonders. thank goodness to Master Atangha. my marriage will have been stolen by an envious bitch.  Salome, Texas USA 

I have tried many spell casters to no avail. my boyfriend continued to drift away from me. he was not cheating on me. no. but suddenly, be systematically began to grow cold. the sex was just mechanical. no life to it. I was scammed by countless charlatans until I was verbally introduced to Master Atangha. they recommended the voodoo pupper and I agreed. today, I am happy that the situation has changed for the better. our sex life has also become as amazing as it used to be the first time.Catherine, Germany 

for years, my family suffer the effects of a black magic orchestrated by a close family friend. this was done out of jealousy. we haven't done anything wrong to this person as far as we know. we struggled from one business to the other without any head way. then we consulted Master Atangha. today, the rest is history. Halimatu, U:AE

it is amazing how things can quickly turn around if you know where and whom to meet. the world economic down turn of 2008 hit my fiancée and I very hard. suddenly we are out of employment. in no time, our social security was gone. left with nothing, suicide became the only viable option....until we were introduced to Master Atangha. we agreed to a wealth ritual. today, we have our own business in four countries and still expanding.   Ruth & Gary - Netherlands

I must confess that I felt jittery when I fist heard about black magic. in the eye of my mind, all dark things materials. but I had nothing to fear. black magic was used by Master Atangha  to smooth and crash every obstacle to my victory into complete submission. Joy, South Africa

my fiancée is a film actor. he cruises across the globe for shooting films. he is also surrounded with uncountable pretty women. this makes me sleepless at night. it got to a point where I could no longer contain my jealousy of these easy women and I got in touch with Master Atangha. I agreed to a voodoo black magic love ritual. 3 years has since passed and my husband has no desire even to look at any other woman in the face. when ever he is on location, he calls me between 15 to 20 times a day, sometime passing the phone to one of these woman for me to say hi. my gratitude cannot be adequately expressed in words. Renne, Paris

these are few of some of the example and success of our work! there are others who wont want their names and success to be associated with voodoo or black magic of any kind. we have to respect their wishes. all testimonials here are with express permission of the people so named.




High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 928       m.atangha@yahoo.com


Master Atangha  | m.atangha@yahoo.com

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