THE REAL ANCIENT VOODOO DOLL is the ultimate Voodoo weapon used for revenge, put individuals and groups in their respective places in family and society, bind a relationship, return a lost love, improve career, tear lovers apart, cause divorce and terminate a pregnancy. it is also used to cause pregnancy in barren situations. at its highest degree, it can be used by a government (like Papa Doc in Haiti) to bound an entire populace or bring down a government. it is regarded as all powerful placed in the same class as arch angels in Catholism.

The most effective Voodoo doll is not made of cloth. it is calved from materials of wood and clay and must be made in the replica of a victim in a little form. a voodoo pin will be manufactured with a victims date of birth. the pin is made exclusively for a particular doll. no universal pin exists for all dolls. the life changing effect of the doll is instant. the moment the pin goes in, the victim feels the impact immediately. there is no escaping the voodoo doll no matter how powerful and difficult a person may be. especially if something containing a DNA of a victim is used to animate a doll. before plunging the pin, the positions of Saturn and Jupiter must be determined in direct relation with a victims natal date of birth.

The voodoo doll is particularly potent in dragging back a reluctant lover, stimulate emotions and an effective weapon of protection and revenge.

it is an expensive procedure and only the rich and powerful can afford it. it is necessary for us to mention however that due to the complications and expenses involved in the doll procedure, many charlatans use an inferior type made of cloth and stuffed with wool in Louisiana. over time, when the populace realise the uselessness of this type of doll, it became classified as materials for entertainment used by theatrical magicians.







High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 92 928


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