many people have asked me?

“What if I just don’t believe in Voodoo or Magic? How can it affect me?”

Real Magic work is based on the following premises:

1. Science cannot explain everything at this time, if it ever will!

2. Real Magic is defined as any process of using phenomena that is not understood (not explained by science at this time) to produce known effects.

3. Therefore, even scientists would have to agree, that by this definition, there is a LOT of real magic left in the world!

You do not have to “believe” in real magic, any more than you have to believe in “science” for it to work. It is simply a fact; they both exist.

Some magical forces do use belief as one of its tools but a lot of magic does not require any belief at all.

The difference between the scientist and the sorcerer is simply the goal they have towards science and real magic:

  1. The scientist seeks to understand the phenomena in terms of some mathematical model, or in terms of the mechanism at work.
  2. The sorcerer seeks to use the phenomena without regard to understanding the nature of the mechanism(s) at work.

Of course, these are extremes. Most scientists do seek to at some point exploit the findings into some application. And many sorcerers put forth theories as to how they think the mechanisms of their magic work better.

These basic definitions create a boundary line between science and magic that is often crossed by both scientists and sorcerers.

So it is not a matter of belief as to whether or not something is possible. What matters is how real a phenomenon actually is. There was a time when many people didn’t “believe” that gun powder existed, or that a substance like that was even possible. Belief had no place in its possible existence.

So I will share with you the following concept; almost anything is possible if you know how. This is a fundamental basis for our universe. It is a phenomena associated with a universe based on free will.

Let me explain:

In order to have free will, it is necessary to have

  1. Reality (which offers Choices)
  2. Perception ( the ability to distinguish reality)
  3. Self- Awareness , which includes



A Belief System with


  • The Concept of Morality
  • The Idea of Reality
  • A Subconscious
  • Life-will, an order generating phenomena that is the basis for life itself.
  • (Life will is what organizes random atoms into… Well. Us.)

If you look at the history of invention, you will see that the only limitations on the potential abilities of science is resources and imagination. Therefore, anything you want to achieve is possible, if you can just figure out how to do it. This does not mean that any process is viable, it just suggests that any result is!

Real Magic, on the other hand, is a valid process (if not a well-understood one) as long as it does bring about the results that are intended. It is just as valid as scientific processes, which also have quantified amounts of uncertainty and confidence associated with them. So while your belief system can make something real, i.e., make something possible with a combination of visualizing a goal, and then figuring out how to make it possible, or real, much magic can be done without belief. This only covers magic, in its most basic sense.

To get a little more specific, and to understand how this works, we must understand the concept of Life-Will. The concept of Life-Will is rather abstract, so I will not try to cover fully. However, I will seek to explain it enough to explain the nature of sympathetic magic. Life-Will is a directive of the universe that seeks to create order out of disorder. It is low level manifestation of the non-corporeal that directs matter into patterns that produce life-generating benefits.

It is usually controlled into what we might call a subconscious level. This level of awareness is very powerful, as even modern scientists have become aware of. Life-Will can be directed by congruent individual wills to produce more viable results. One of the great example that I illustrates this concept was a simple experiment involving chicken eggs and a heat lamp.

The lamp was set up to blink randomly, and to be on only about half the time (statistically). But when the eggs were placed under the lamp, the light tended to stay on longer, and was on for more than 50% of the time intended. Something that the researchers could not understand was keeping the light on longer than it was supposed to be, but only when the eggs were placed under the lamp.

This is an example of congruent subconscious will directing Life-Will to help produce life-generating or sustaining benefits!

The eggs were aware, as they could “feel” and “react” to the heat of the lamp, via metabolic processes that increased and were sustained when the lamp was on. This awareness directed the Life-Will to keep the lamp on longer than it had been programmed for, something the researchers had not planned for! (The end result was that more of the chicks did eventually hatch). This egg experiment is a scientifically repeatable example of real magic.



This is essentially the basis of sympathetic magic, and indeed for religious dogma and the cause of many miracles. It is safe to conclude that sympathetic magic is indeed real magic!


With the subconscious will, you can imagine the power of the directed conscious mind! By creating congruent belief systems (religious dogma), a collective consciously driven mechanism for directing Life-Will can be produced, and sustained. The power of this system is only limited by the belief system.

There is an old adage: “You can make anything true if you believe hard enough.” This is simply one way of activating Life-Will. The fact that you exist in this universe, on this plane of existence, means that you are affected by it. AND, That you have some control over life will.

All forces work at a distance. Even the force of physical contact is actually an expression of quantum electromagnetic forces, which do not allow for any two objects to actually touch but rather the forces are expressed before any actual contact is made. To even come “very” close is to produce nuclear effects such as fission or fusion , and this is still not “touching”. The point is that the idea of “force at a distance” is prevalent in modern science.

To explain the last paragraph more simply; just realize that every atom and even every part of every atom has space between them. Everything effects everything else before they actually touch. When you pick up a glass, the electrons in your fingers push on the electrons of the glass and they never actually touch each other. This is known and measurable scientific fact.

Furthermore, these forces extend to infinity, by definition. They may be basically consciously imperceptible, but they are there. This means that collective influence is always possible. So by existing in this universe, you are subject to influence by everything else that exists in it and you effect everything else in it too.

And in this way, we are all just expressions of one, bigger collective experience called the universe.

It is impossible to destroy or create mass or energy. But Life-Will seeks to do neither, instead it directs already existing energy and matter into more organized states that benefit life.

This means that magic does not violate any “known” laws of physics, but rather works with laws that we may be aware of, as well as in congruence with those laws we are not aware of. So what does it matter that you “don’t believe in real magic“? It means that you probably won’t be able to use it, because you won’t let yourself, much like someone who doesn’t believe in cars will be unable to let themselves drive.

It does not mean that you can’t be affected by it, only that you won’t consciously use it yourself. This is much like the person listed above, who will not drive, but could still be easily struck by a moving car should they step in front of it at the wrong time. It also does not mean you can not get pizza delivered to your door by someone driving a car.

What about doing spells on people that don’t believe in real magic? The practitioners of magic will be able to direct magic to their will, regardless of what the belief systems of the intended are. Of course the intended has their own life will and their own beliefs and they are exerting force on their own lives too.

PS: Read the last to lines again. Then realize that this means that some spells will have a LOT more effect then others. An example is that a spell to find a true love will work better then a spell to make a specific person love you but both can and will have effects.

This does not mean that the spell caster should use this as an opportunity to practice black magic of any kind on such individuals! There are other subconscious systems at work that will keep this from repeating should a spell caster abuse his powers.

Instead, merely realize that you can perform beneficial magic, and the in-congruent belief system of the intended recipient may have little effect on the spell.

However, consciously-driven congruent belief systems will always produce better results! This means that if you and the recipient both believe in the effectiveness, you will both “empower” the spell to be much more effective.

So, although belief may not be able to stop the effects of magic, it does make magic more powerful when it is present. The stronger the belief, the stronger the resolve, and the more powerful your magic becomes.

This is the power of faith. It does not require that everyone believes, only you.




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