-         Bringing back a runaway lover

have your girlfriend / boyfriend abandoned you without any rational reason: relax. Contact me, and i will bring him or her back  to you. and she or he will remain with you until  death do both of you part.


-         Voodoo Love attraction Spell / Ritual

there is that ideal man / woman that have captured your attention but seems out of reach. you explored various ways and means of reaching out to him / her to no avail. the man / woman continues to ignore your advances. i will turn around the situation for you with this voodoo love ritual. all i need is his photo, name and date of birth. and instead of your worrying about how to capture his / her heart, the opposite will become the case. your ideal man or woman will begin to chase you day and night non-stop.


-         Voodoo & Black Magic Removal

many innocent souls have suffered unnecessary from the deadly effects of black magic - some are aware of being under the influence of this all-consuming force. but a great number of people are ignorant of being an object of attack leading to decades of suffering. i can dismantle the effects of any black magic (voodoo, kaballah, Islamic, indrajeal etc) both in my temple and at a distance setting the individual free. after removing the black magic, i also offer to throw an invincible ring of protection around the client to prevent a possible recurrence and placing the individual on the path of light and glory. 


-          Money / Wealth Ritual

money signifies security from want, relief from the fear of starvation, freedom from the visits of the debt collector. if it is your desire to gain access to significant wealth freeing you from slavery of employment, you will have to come to my temple for a physical meeting with me.


-            My special Marriage ceremony.

a marriage contracted under me is completely unbreakable. divorce is not to be found inside a matrimony contracted according to Bizango Voodoo rites. ground your marriage on a solid rock so that when the wind and turbulences of life come, the house remains unmovable.


-             Spiritual healing 

spiritual healing comes into the picture when all orthodox methods fail to bring a solution.  My specially prepared herbs are tailored toward bringing total liberation to the physical  and spiritual body freeing the mind and body thereby creating harmony for the spirit and soul .           


-          Spiritual homes and offices cleaning of evil spirits 

for centuries, it has been known that houses and buildings can become living places for spirit beings including evil ones. when a building becomes inhabited by this alien beings, life becomes unbearable for humans living in the neighbourhood. It is my duty to visit this building and plead with these spirit beings to evacuate them through exorcism and animal sacrifices. 


-         Banishing evil spirits from possessed bodies

today, evil possession is a daily occurrence in our streets, offices and homes. often, this phenomenon is interpreted as epilepsy or hallucinations. it is my job to banish these evil spirits and prevent them from inhabiting and causing further harm by placing a protecting amulet on the victim renewable every year. with this amulet, the is victim is completely shielded from attacks from evil demons or black magic practitioners.


-         Changing the course of ones life for the better.

many a time, we desire what others have and try everything, only to end up frustrated. i can help you can realise your ideal dream; be it a job or an ideal family, beauty, happiness and above all health for you to enjoy life to the full.


-      Keeping bad influences away from your marriages and relationships

third parties can become an impediment in your marriage and relationship. let me help protect you and your family from these unwanted pests. 


-        Directing success toward you by positively imbuing your wisdom

wisdom creates riches and adds no pain to it. let me assist you maximise your naturally endured wisdom toward achieving your dream life - and living it to the full without pain to it.


-        Protection for children from spiritual retardation

do you have a retarded child or family member? your child is not doing well in school? bring him or her to me and you will be glad you did.


-        Special rituals to suit individual situation

there is no problem without a solution. lets talk together and find a lasting solution to your problem through a tailor made ritual designed specifically for your specific problem.


-         Legal

in legal battles, we all know that justice does not always go to the deserving party. it is my objective that my clients win legal battles through spiritual manipulation

now it is up to you to make the first and most important move. it may be that it is my magic wand you need to turn your life around for the better.

please specify your email address correctly to enable us respond to you.



High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 928       m.atangha@yahoo.com


Master Atangha  | m.atangha@yahoo.com

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