A WEIGHT LOSS SPELL is the voodoo remedy to get rid of excess fat permanently.  It can be very difficult losing weight. There are lots of reasons as to why a person might want to even lose weight but often times it’s to help with getting those fanciful cloths you love so much. other times it might even be related to health problems. it can be self destroying, rob victims of self confidence and engineering a sense of worthlessness.


weight loss spell is desired of many who have gained weight over time through eating or genetic inheritance to shed off this unwanted load. to make someone lose weight using voodoo, black magic or witchcraft does not require physical contact. all i need is the photo of the person, his name and date of birth. i will also need a photo of the ideal shape a person would like to look like after the spell.

i begin to cast a weight loss spell on the night that the cosmos are in complete harmony with a person's natal date of birth. 



High Priest: ATANGHA:       +34 632 881 928       m.atangha@yahoo.com




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Master Atangha  | m.atangha@yahoo.com

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